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Who We Are

Our Adult Rehabilitation Mental Health Service (ARMHS) and therapy services in Edina, Minnesota, provide professional training for adults with mental illness and complications. We aim to help these adults become independent at home and in the community. People in this program develop social skills, stability, and basic social and life skills to manage mental illness symptoms better. These life skills include home management, most skills including employment and job hunting, and the community’s transition to life. Our qualified recipients are headed by mental health professionals. We also strive to match recipients with language-speaking specialists who have the same cultural identity.

If your needs extend beyond your current mental health care, we can make recommendations for and help you find the services you need to reach satisfaction with your mental health.

psychotherapist talking to her patient

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the light of hope and support for individuals on their path to mental well-being. We aim to empower you with the skills and resilience needed to embrace life’s challenges. We strive to destigmatize mental health issues and create a safe space where healing, growth, and transformation can flourish.

Our Vision Statement

Our vision is to be the guiding force that fosters positive change, where you lead fulfilling and empowering lives, free from the shackles of your mental health challenges. We aim to build a community where collective commitment to holistic well-being prevails.

Telemedicine Options

Our trained staff will provide you and your loved ones with a mental health assessment in person, and online through telehealth. For more information, referrals, and reservations, please contact us at 952-303-6295.

Covid-19 Precautions

All staff members observe all local and federal guidelines for Covid-19 precautions to allow us to continue to provide services through the pandemic. If you have specific accommodations that you would like we can work with you to make sure that you get the mental health care that you deserve in the way you want. Not everyone is comfortable meeting online or on the phone, and we want to make sure our clients know their needs are being considered as we work to keep everyone safe.

Let Us Be Your Mental Wellness Partner!

Do you have inquiries about us and our services? Do not hesitate to contact us.