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Mental Health Services in Minnesota

If you or anyone of your loved ones are suffering from mental health problems, professional help can make a huge difference. And if you are facing these troubles, know that you are not alone: 1 in 4 adults in this country has mental health problems in any given year. We have an array of strategies for people struggling with mental health and help them pursue a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lifestyle.

While suffering from these issues, we understand how overwhelming it is to take the first steps to find help. That is why, through therapy services in Edina, Minnesota, our team of compassionate and caring professionals will guide you on the path of recovery and healing.


We strive to create a space of acceptance, healing and hope for all who are dealing with mental health challenges through our services.

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  • One On One Mental Health Counseling

    Personalized support for your mental well-being to support your journey to a happier life

  • Group Psychotherapy Sessions

    Discover strength in the community and navigate life’s challenges together.

  • Adult Mental Health Rehabilitation Services

    Guiding you on your path to recovery and fulfilling life through comprehensive rehabilitation

  • Certified Peer Specialist Services

    Connect with understanding peers who have walked similar paths, offering guidance and encouragement.

  • Basic Living and Social Skills

    Equipping you with essential skills to enhance daily living and foster fulfilling connections

  • Community Intervention

    Engaging with the community to promote mental health awareness and timely intervention

  • Functional Assessment

    Assessing your unique strengths and needs to create a holistic treatment plan

  • Medication Education

    Empowering you with knowledge and understanding about medications to make informed decisions

  • Transition to Community Services

    Transitioning your journey towards mental wellness with continued community support

  • Individual Treatment Plan

    Your personalized roadmap to healing is designed to cater to your specific needs and goals.


Adult Rehabilitation Mental Health Services, abbreviated as ARMHS, helps the recipient develop psychiatric stability, social skills, independent and personal living, and community skills when these skills can be compromised by symptoms of mental illness. Our services educate, support, and assist clients in medication management, basic social and living skills, mental health management, home management, and transitions related to employment or community life.

ARMHS combines personal / home services with group sessions to teach people suffering from severe mental illness management and recovery skills. Our services focus on helping individuals live and work in their local communities.

The ARMHS program strives to improve independent living skills, promote integration into the community, and encourage healthy psychological functioning. We work with consumers to develop a treatment plan that will help them develop meaningful and supportive relationships, boost skills to live independently as possible, learn ways to prevent relapse, cope with severe and persistent mental health symptoms, and manage stress.


Our mission is to be the light of hope and support for individuals on their path to mental well-being. We aim to empower you with the skills and resilience needed to embrace life’s challenges. We strive to destigmatize mental health issues and create a safe space where healing, growth, and transformation can flourish.

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